A page on Fire Safety is taken as a sample Web-page. Note that this page is authored by providing associations between dependent content (one can see the associated text by moving the mouse around on the page). If you move the mouse on the 1st image, the 2nd paragraph is highlighted - this can be used in a print-impaired context either by a text to speech tool or to further re-narrate the text for a user with specific language or context preferences.

The fire-kn and fire-hi are re-narrations that are "blog"ged by different people for Kannada and Hindi language contexts. Note that the Kannada blogger has also given an alternative image of a local fire engine that is familiar in the Karnataka context.

When a user visits the Fire Safety page, the page now has various alternative renditions. The user profile or preference indication can be used by a browser tool to provide an appropriate rendition, as hinted in the page with alternative renditions: A11yPi Fire Safety

This idea naturally lends itself to mobile devices. An indicative rendering of this Fire Safety page, on a mobile phone, can be seen here: Fire Safety Slides or video on Mobile